No one wants to be frugal on Valentine’s Day as it may give the wrong impression to your significant other. I definitely understand the pressure to spend money on Valentine’s Day. Everywhere you turn you see chocolate, jewelry and greeting card advertisements. Our culture has engrained the idea of spending money into our heads.

With that being said, there are plenty of ways to show someone that you care about them without going into debt.

Greeting Cards
Purchasing a card is not only pricey (I’ve seen cards that can set you back over $10) but they are impersonal. Make your own card, or write your thoughts down on paper for your significant other. Your words mean a lot more than a generic card anyway.

When you think of Valentine’s Day flowers, I’m sure roses are the first flowers that come to mind. Well, roses just happen to be a summer flower, meaning roses have to be imported this time of year. Shipping flowers to your local florist adds to the cost. A dozen roses at my local florist costs $95 this week. That is a lot of money to spend on something that may last a week. I’m not saying you shouldn’t go out and buy a nice bouquet for your valentine. What I am saying is, you may want to forgo roses and purchase a plant or a less expensive flower. Perhaps carnations?

Dining Out
The obvious alternative to dining out on Valentine’s Day is to eat in. Create your valentine’s favourite meal at home. Another option could be to go out for lunch. Better yet, go out for breakfast. Those two meals are much less expensive than dinner.  

If you find yourself reviewing your finances this Valentine’s Day and come to the conclusion that you can no longer keep up, contact us today. We will meet with you for free and discuss all options with you. 

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