Post-secondary debt blues in Ontario? You’re not alone and we can help.

Just last week, we talked to two young adults in exactly this same position. Why did they call a Licensed Trustee? Pretty simple – they got student loans to help fund their education and with limited income, they were struggling to make the required payments. This is a pretty stressful situation.

Welker & Associates was able to help one of these people but not the other – why?

Well, one of them had only graduated a year ago, and unfortunately, under law, a bankruptcy or a consumer proposal can’t help with student loans until a student has been out of school for a full 7 years.

Welker & Associates prides itself on doing anything we can to assist.

Even though a bankruptcy or a consumer proposal were not options, we suggested a call to the Ontario Student Assistance Program to see if they would accept a reduced payment – guess what? They did! It was a temporary solution, but provided some necessary relief.

When you meet with us – you will always meet with a licensed trustee in bankruptcy at NO charge.

We have offices across South Western Ontario plus flexible hours to meet your needs so you don’t have to miss work.

Let us help you get a fresh financial start!

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