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Wage Garnishment - What is it?

What is a Garnishment & How did I Get One? Wage garnishment is when money is deducted from an employee's monetary compensation (including salary), usually as a result of a court order.

April 26, 2018

Wage Garnishment

My relationship break-up has put me into debt - what can I do?

BONNIE ASKED: I am getting out of an abusive relationship. I don't have money to pay any of the collection notices I have gotten. What should I do? 

June 23, 2014

Consumer Proposals, Bankruptcy, Debt and Relationships, Collection Agencies, Wage Garnishment

Can I go to jail for owing money?

This is a very honest question and we're grateful that someone asked it so that we could put their mind at ease. Your creditors cannot put you in jail for owing money.

June 2, 2014

Consumer Proposals, Bankruptcy, Collection Agencies, Wage Garnishment

Myth Vs. Fact: Collection Agencies

Myth: If you file a consumer proposal your creditors will continue collection action.Fact: When you file a consumer proposal all creditor collection action is stopped immediately.

May 21, 2014

Consumer Proposals, Bankruptcy, Collection Agencies, Wage Garnishment

What Happens When You Go Bankrupt

Once you file for bankruptcy, all creditor action stops.

April 24, 2014

Bankruptcy, Asset Concerns, Collection Agencies, Wage Garnishment

'Judgements' & 'Garnishing Wages' - what does it all mean?

People in debt have something in common - a sense of being overwhelmed - not just by debt but by how complicated they feel resolution may be.

March 25, 2014

Consumer Proposals, Bankruptcy, Wage Garnishment