A couple threatened with wage garnishment - How we helped

Tuesday, March 22, 2016 - 20:30

Consumer Proposals, Wage Garnishment

Sue met with a young couple in London West,  “Jeff” and “Phyllis”. They had both struggled over the past few years with finding work and as a result, they fell behind on several credit cards bills and found themselves in debt. They tried to manage the debt by getting loans from cash stores, which quickly dug them even deeper into debt. Eventually, they both found work and within a few months, but it was too late. Shortly after they started working, both of their employers informed them that they had received paperwork from credit card companies to garnishee their income. They were devastated.

How we helped

A friend of theirs had filed bankruptcy with Sue and suggested they call and make an appointment. When they met with Sue, they told her that they just gave up trying and eventually started ignoring their creditors. Sue reviewed their options with them and it was agreed that their best option was for both of them to make consumer proposals. Since they made consumer proposals, their income was never garnisheed and the payments on the proposals were affordable. Not only that, but the calls from creditors stopped immediately.

Where are they now?

The last time Sue met with them, they both danced into her office singing “Money Problems go away at Welker.ca”.