A Client's Point Of View

Thursday, April 12, 2018 - 22:29


A client of ours in London wanted to help give people to courage to find the financial help they need. She wanted to share her story with people as she is certain it will give people the strength to seek help and in turn, start a new life with financial freedom. Here is her story:

"I'm a single woman who has put myself into financial trouble for the last few years. My main problems were with payday loans and installment loans from the same type of company. They charge you high interest and almost nothing comes off the principal balance. You pay so much interest that there is no money left to pay for other bills. A friend suggested that I call Welker & Associates but I didn’t as I thought my income was too high and I didn’t think the kind of loans I had would be included. After struggling for a few more months I decided to call Welker & Associates, the worst that could happen is I wouldn’t qualify. From the first minute I spoke with Sue, I could feel my stress level evaporating quite quickly! For most of the meeting I was very emotional and frustrated with myself. Sue comforted me and was very understanding. She answered all of my questions, was very compassionate, understanding of the distress life can cause at times and just made me feel better about myself. Sue had me organized and processed quite quickly and easily! Words can not express the gratitude I have for Sue."

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