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Keeping your Savings with a Consumer Proposal

How does making a consumer proposal affect your TFSAs and RRSPs? With a consumer proposal, you get to keep your assets, which includes your tax free savings account and your RRSPs.

October 8, 2019

Consumer Proposals, Asset Concerns

Incorporated Companies and Debt

If your business is incorporated, then legally the business is a separate entity and its assets are owned by the business. In this case the incorporated company can go bankrupt if it cannot meet its financial obligations.

October 3, 2019

Business Concerns

Debt Settlement Offers Are Not A Good Idea

Have you seen TV or online ads from companies claiming they can reduce your debts by up to 80%? Although these ads may seem appealing to you if you are struggling with debt, the promises they make are too good to be true.

September 28, 2019

Consumer Proposals

What Is the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act?

Generally speaking, the Bankruptcy Insolvency Act (BIA) is a federal statute that governs bankruptcy, consumer proposals and receiverships in Canada. It provides relief to the honest, but unfortunate debtor from the crushing burden of debt so they can get a fresh start.

September 23, 2019


What would you do if you were me?

This is a question I often times hear from people who meet with me. It’s a question I can’t answer unless I have more information. I also can’t tell someone what to do, as it’s ultimately a decision they need to make. 

September 20, 2019

Asset Concerns

Get a Handle on Your Debt!

The level of household debt in Canada continues to rise. It almost feels like no one is immune to household debt. If your debt is starting to feel overwhelming, minimum payments might keep collection calls from coming but chance are it won’t keep them away forever.  

September 15, 2019

Money Management